About Us

Linda – Founder/Manager
Kelly – Assistant Manager

We are a very small team of people who are very passionate in supporting others through Domestic Abuse/Violence.
Both Kelly and Linda have also experienced Domestic abuse in their lives, Linda has been free from abuse for 34 years and Kelly has been free for 4 years.
Linda established Living Keys in 2016 after she took training to be a facilitator of the Freedom Programme, nationally known and Linda has since run 3 courses a year with many women joining on a volunteer basis. Since then, Linda and Kelly have also completed the training for “Recovery Tool Kit” course, which enables our Clients to gain tools to help our Clients come through the Trauma and to live with a better sense of Freedom.

Our passion is to see as many people on the course, who are or have suffered from domestic abuse, and to do this……
We will provide a safe place for our Clients to attend the course, and promise that everything discussed in the course, is confidential, and in a non-judgemental environment.

We do this by offering free courses to Clients to help them move on in their lives and to be able to recognise any signs of abuse in future relationships, and also to help them overcome fear, anger, isolation and low self-esteem and confidence that has been lost.

To find details of the Courses available please click here