Can you Help?

Coming up to the Easter weekend, just takes me back to memories of where i started my freedom from domestic abuse and violence. 34 years today, I finally plucked up the courage and decided to leave a life of abuse, and have never looked back.

I remember holding onto words that i have read in Jeremiah 29v11…. “For i know the plans i have for you” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”.

I am standing on those promises today, and thank God for coming to my rescue.

Last year, i met a lady who had been through an awful ordeal of abuse by her husband. She had been married for 10 years and had 4 children, and she had finally had enough, she wanted to protect her children, and to get out of the relationship. Why didn’t she leave earlier, i hear some of you saying…. when you live in the cycle of domestic abuse, it is often too difficult to leave, the victim becomes subject to threats of violence or even death. They are already being controlled by the abuser, losing their self worth and self worth. What was once alien to them, has now become normal.

This lady, finally made her mind up to leave after one of her children had walked in on them fighting and he had seen the violence the father had done to his mother. She called the police, and he was arrested. He was let out on bail, on the condition that he did not return to the house, yet he still tormented her with text messages and fb messages that he was watching her. No longer feeling safe, she decided to seek Refuge, and left her home with her children with just a small bag containing a change of clothing just for her and her children.

We managed to get her to a Refuge, and she was in tears, as she had no money, as her husband was the one controlling all her money and now she was afraid that if she went to a bank to explain, she would be traced and husband would find out where she was. I took out £30 from my handbag and gave it to her asking her to make sure that she gets food for her and the children and to receive the support that Women’s Aid could give her whilst at the Refuge.

It broke my heart to see her and the little ones going off with just one small bag and the expressions on their faces that looked so hopeless.

Since then, i have heard back from the lady i helped. She has now moved to a different city, she is getting her life back and is now working. The Children are much happier and doing well at school. She said ” I am a long way off yet, but i am now free to be me.

Living Keys are now setting up a Charity Walk for Living Keys, and we will be walking 18 miles to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and to raise much needed funds to keep the Charity going.

If anyone would like to donate you can do so via internet banking and the details are below:-

Account Name – Living Keys

Yorkshire Bank

Account No 46275497

Sort Code 05-06-67

For those who wish to donate, it would be lovely, if possible, to know who you are so we can share our journey with you in making a difference to those who have fallen victim to domestic abuse. We would love to be able to send out our quarterly News letter, so that you can stay up to date on what we are doing.

At the moment we are carrying out 4 courses a week, with over 40 Clients and that is only from January this year, when we started…. help us to be able to reach out and help others.

Thank you for taking time in reading this blog.

Happy Easter to you all, and may God bless you.



Well what can i say, since setting up Living Keys, we have been extremely busy with Clients and meeting up with Agencies and other key area’s to be able to provide a great service to those who have experienced Domestic abuse in their lives.

Last night while Kelly and I were carrying out our Freedom Course, we asked the ladies to describe themselves in a couple of sentences, but it had to be something positive. Some of our ladies struggled with this, as so often they have been told they are not good enough, they won’t survive without their abusive partners, that we are not capable of living on our own and that we wouldn’t survive.

One of our ladies wrote a poem that i would like to share with you…

I am Happy To Be…

I am so happy to be free, I can be who i want to be,

I only answer to me, I thought that i would be lonely, in this new Journey,

Yet i am so happy, I am enjoying my own company,

I live with my family, I have my own independancy,

Time to focus just on me. To love myself deeply and completely, Bonus is i also have a family

I live with them, all three, yet i do things differently.

I am in charge of my peace and sanity. I choose to live in harmony.

Now i will celebrate me, i choose to validate me

I will choose my company, i will have prosperity

I am enough for me. I am going to make myself happy.

I am a rich as i want to be, i can choose my ferarri

I will choose who will ride with me, I will fulfil my prophecy.

My dream will be a reality, just you wait and see.

What an expression of new Freedom through poetry. I pray that through this ministry many will find freedom and hope once again.