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The Freedom Programme is a 12 week course, that helps us to look at the Dominator. The Dominator has many heads, such as The Liar, The Jailor, The Sexual Controller, The Persuader, the King of the Castle and more….. Clients who attend learn the Tactics an abuser will use to stay in control of the relationship.

The course also looks at the beliefs of the Dominator, where the beliefs come from, how it effects the person being abused, and the effects domestic abuse has on our children as well.

The Course requires both the Living with the Dominator Book and the Home Study book to complete the course.

You will need to complete the application form before you can attend this course.

This Course has been Sponsored and supported by Near Neighbours Charity.

The next course starts on Wednesday 10th March 2021 and finishes Wednesday 10th June 2021. ( This is because we break up during the school holidays, so mum’s don’t have to have extra pressure to attend and find childminder)

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Hope 2 Recovery

This Course is designed for both Men and Women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

The overall aims of the programme are to develop sufficient trust and motivation in the individual to engage them, so they:

  • Have a greater understanding of the tactics of abusive partners and coercive control use
  • Have a better understanding of the difference between healthy/unhealthy and abusive relationships
  • Have a better understanding of their parenting role and the challenge of being a nurturing parent while in an abusive relationship
  • Consolidate this learning to enable future life plans to be based on the safety of themselves and their children.

For those who decide to leave their abusive relationship, or have already left their abusive relationship, we recommend that on completing this program they progress to the 12 week Adult Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit which gives individuals a wide range of tools and strategies to help them to further develop their understanding of the coping mechanisms they have developed, the psychological impact of abuse and to develop their self-esteem and confidence and move forward on their journey to recovery.


  • Session 1 –  What is abuse?
  • Session 2 – Dynamics of abuse and coercive control
  • Session 3 – How people can become trapped in abusive relationships
  • Session 4 – Impact of abuse on parenting
  • Session 5 – Healthy Relationships
  • Session 6 – Action planning towards abuse free lives

The Latest course starts on Tuesday 9th March and will finish on 27th April. (weekly courses excluding school holidays)

We are now taking names for the next course which will start on 16th March

Please complete the Application form to register, on the next page,  once we have received your application we will then invite you for an interview before starting the course.

This Course has been kindly sponsored and supported by Near Neighbours Charity

Domestic Abuse Recovery Tool Kit

This Course is designed for both Men and Women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

Is a 12 week course, and is very similar to the shorter course, “Hope for Recovery” but has an in-depth look at ourselves, and how to put the Tools into place to gain a better life.

The Recovery Toolkit is designed for men and women who have experienced Domestic Abuse/violence in their previous relationship.  It is not designed for those still living in an abusive relationship.

Before we can accept you onto the course, we will need to do an Interview to ensure that this Course is suitable for you and that we can meet your needs.  The interview can be arranged via Zoom, especially at the moment as we need to abide by Government Guidelines.

The course will start on Thursday 22nd April and will finish on Thursday 15th July 2021.

Life’s Healing Choices

This is a 6 week Course, based on the choices that we make in life, and how our choices can affect us on a daily basis. It is Christian based and was originally set up by John Baker and Rick Warren.

No Application Form needs to be completed, but please register your interest via email on or by filling out the below form.

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