Well what can i say, since setting up Living Keys, we have been extremely busy with Clients and meeting up with Agencies and other key area’s to be able to provide a great service to those who have experienced Domestic abuse in their lives.

Last night while Kelly and I were carrying out our Freedom Course, we asked the ladies to describe themselves in a couple of sentences, but it had to be something positive. Some of our ladies struggled with this, as so often they have been told they are not good enough, they won’t survive without their abusive partners, that we are not capable of living on our own and that we wouldn’t survive.

One of our ladies wrote a poem that i would like to share with you…

I am Happy To Be…

I am so happy to be free, I can be who i want to be,

I only answer to me, I thought that i would be lonely, in this new Journey,

Yet i am so happy, I am enjoying my own company,

I live with my family, I have my own independancy,

Time to focus just on me. To love myself deeply and completely, Bonus is i also have a family

I live with them, all three, yet i do things differently.

I am in charge of my peace and sanity. I choose to live in harmony.

Now i will celebrate me, i choose to validate me

I will choose my company, i will have prosperity

I am enough for me. I am going to make myself happy.

I am a rich as i want to be, i can choose my ferarri

I will choose who will ride with me, I will fulfil my prophecy.

My dream will be a reality, just you wait and see.

What an expression of new Freedom through poetry. I pray that through this ministry many will find freedom and hope once again.

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